Canon EOS R5 Mark II to Support 8K60p and 4K240p Video?

The Canon EOS R5 Mark II is on the horizon, with an expected announcement in early 2024, ideally ahead of CP+ in February. Reports have surfaced indicating that Canon’s loyal test photographers are currently testing prototypes of this camera. However, the final feature set for the camera remains shrouded in mystery.

Canon’s aim for the EOS R5 Mark II is to elevate it to the pinnacle of its segment, both in terms of stills and video features. A credible source suggests that the EOS R5 Mark II will elevate its 8K video capabilities to an impressive 60fps in RAW format. The question arises, will achieving this higher frame rate necessitate additional power or cooling resources? That part remains uncertain.

Interestingly, a detailed patent has emerged for an external cooler designed by Canon for EOS R cameras. The patent illustrations seem to indicate the inclusion of an extra battery slot, which could potentially offer more power to the camera while facilitating active cooling through an accessory fan.

Intriguingly, there have been numerous rumors circulating about the image sensor resolution for the EOS R5 Mark II. Speculations range from 45mp to 60mp image resolutions being tested. The latter, a 60mp sensor, might require pixel binning for RAW shooting, making a 45mp sensor appear more technically sensible. While one source leans towards the likelihood of a 60mp sensor, the consensus suggests that the 45mp option makes more practical sense. It also opens the door for Canon to eventually release a high-megapixel version.

Furthermore, the same source claims that the 4K video capabilities will receive a “massive” boost. To put this into perspective, the current EOS R5 offers 120fps in 4K. If “massive” means doubling that, achieving 240fps, it would indeed be a remarkable feat. Canon appears to be shedding its past reputation of lagging behind in specifications.

While many details about the EOS R5 Mark II remain elusive, there’s a growing buzz surrounding the camera. It appears increasingly likely that the February 2024 announcement date will materialize as anticipated. See more Canon Rumors.

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