Best Sony a7CR Batteries & Chargers

Looking for the best Sony a7CR batteries & chargers? This guide will help you get the top recommended battery and battery chargers for the Sony a7C R mirrorless camera.

When unboxing the brand-new Sony a7CR camera, you’ll find it comes with a Sony NP-FZ100 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (2280mAh) in the package. Unfortunately, the package no longer includes an external charger, and Sony has discontinued the practice of supplying USB chargers and cables. As a result, if you don’t already have a USB charger and USB cable with a micro USB connector compatible with the Sony a7CR, you won’t be able to charge your new camera right out of the box.

In this guide, we’ll explore a comprehensive range of battery, battery charger, and battery grips for the Sony a7C R, including both official and third-party options.

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Best Batteries for Sony a7CR

The official supported battery for the Sony a7CR is the Sony NP-FZ100 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (2280mAh). When purchasing a brand new Sony a7CR camera, this battery is included in the package, ensuring you have a reliable power source.

I highly recommend exclusively using Sony’s official batteries for your device. While it might be enticing to explore less expensive third-party battery alternatives, especially for a high-value camera like the Sony a7CR, I strongly caution against it. Sony has actively pursued legal action against third-party battery manufacturers in recent years. Utilizing these alternatives can pose significant risks. In certain instances, inserting third-party batteries can prompt warning messages in the camera, and subsequent firmware updates may detect them, resulting in persistent warnings during each power-up. Therefore, despite occasional endorsements for third-party batteries, I firmly discourage their usage in the Sony a7CR due to potential complications and uncertainties. To ensure peak performance and peace of mind, it’s best to stick with the official Sony NP-FZ100 battery.

Sony NP-FZ100 Battery

The official battery for the Sony a7CR is the Sony NP-FZ100 (2280mAh) rechargeable battery.

Despite the official battery’s higher cost, I strongly recommend prioritizing it over third-party options due to two critical reasons. First, third-party batteries can lead to compatibility issues, potentially affecting your camera’s performance. Second, they may pose a real risk to your Sony a7CR.

Opting for the Sony NP-FZ100 not only ensures seamless integration but also protects your camera’s long-term functionality. Choosing the official battery reduces the risk of compatibility problems and potential damage, preserving your camera’s lifespan. In this context, the added expense is a wise investment in your equipment’s safety and reliability.

Sony NP-FZ100 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery at B&HAdorama.

Watson NP-FZ100 Battery Pack

If you do insist on trying a third-party battery, then the Watson NP-FZ100 Lithium-Ion Battery (2250mAh) is a potential option to consider.

However, it’s crucial to highlight that there haven’t been documented tests of these batteries specifically in the Sony a7CR. Therefore, uncertainty looms regarding potential warnings or compatibility problems. I recommend holding off on purchasing them for now. If you’ve used these batteries with your Sony a7CR, sharing your experiences in the comments would be immensely valuable and appreciated.

Watson NP-FZ100 Battery Pack at B&H.

Best Battery Chargers for Sony a7CR

The Sony a7C R does not come with an external charger in the package. If you prefer external battery charging, here are the available options:

Sony BC-QZ1 Battery Charger

The Sony BC-QZ1 is the official charger for the Sony NP-FZ100 battery. When connected to a mains-powered socket, this charger will fully charge an official NP-FZ100 battery in approximately two hours.

Sony BC-QZ1 Battery Charger at B&HAdorama.

Sony NPA-MQZ1K Multi Battery Adapter Kit

For prolonged shooting needs, the Sony NPA-MQZ1K Multi Battery Adapter Kit proves invaluable. Charging up to 4 NP-FZ100 batteries in around 480 minutes, it also powers two USB devices and the a7CR simultaneously. The kit comprises two NP-FZ100 batteries, a cable protector, and a mounting plate.

Compatible with cameras accepting NP-FZ100 or NP-FW50 series batteries, the NPA-MQZ1K extends shooting duration by drawing power from up to four NP-FZ100 batteries. It doubles as a rapid charger, recharging four batteries in just 480 minutes. It can transform into a compact two-battery adapter for travel convenience.

Beyond camera use, it charges other devices through its USB ports, featuring a three-level LED indicator for charge status and six 1/4″-20 mounting sockets. The kit includes NP-FZ100 battery packs, easing user initiation.

Designed for NP-FZ100 Z-series batteries, the kit offers versatility by supporting cameras using Z- or W-series batteries. It incorporates two USB ports, capable of concurrently powering both a connected device and the camera. The kit includes two Sony NP-FZ100 batteries, rendering it a comprehensive solution for extended shooting sessions.

Sony NPA-MQZ1K Multi Battery Adapter Kit at B&HAdorama.

Watson Mini Duo Charger

The Watson Mini Duo Charger is a standout third-party charging solution, offering efficient charging for two NP-FZ100 batteries in approximately 5 hours. The charger is equipped with critical safety features, including built-in overcharge, short-circuit, and power surge protection.

Capable of charging two Sony NP-FZ100 batteries simultaneously, the Watson Mini Duo Charger provides flexibility and convenience. Its two independent bays allow you to charge a single battery or two spares concurrently, making it a versatile accessory for photographers. The onboard LCD screen clearly displays the charging status of each battery, aiding in efficient monitoring of the charging progress.

Notably, the charger includes a micro-USB cable and a USB power adapter, enabling various charging options from USB or AC power sources. This portability makes it suitable for use with battery packs or convenient charging at home, in the office, or during travel. Furthermore, the Watson Mini Duo Charger prioritizes safety with integrated circuit protections, ensuring the batteries are charged securely. Overall, it stands as a reliable charging solution for Sony NP-FZ100 batteries, enhancing photographers’ workflow and peace of mind.

Watson Mini Duo Charger for Sony NP-FZ100 Batteries at B&H.

Best USB-C Cables for Sony a7CR

The Sony a7CR supports USB PD (Power Delivery) for fast in-camera battery charging via its USB-C port. Unfortunately, Sony does not include a USB charger or a USB-C cable in the package with the Sony a7CR.

If you prefer the convenience of charging the NP-FZ100 battery directly within the camera, all you need is a standard USB cable. Just connect it to the camera’s USB Type C terminal.

It’s important to note that the Sony a7CR’s packaging does not provide a USB cable. However, you may already have one at your disposal. If not, you have two suitable options depending on your USB charger’s connection type. Select the cable that aligns with your existing charger setup to ensure smooth and trouble-free charging for your Sony a7CR.

Anker PowerLine II USB-C to USB-C Gen 2 Cable

This cable is designed for use with a USB-C charger. It features a USB-C connector on both ends and supports USB 3.1 Gen 2, allowing for file transfers at the maximum speed supported by the Sony a7CR.

Anker PowerLine II USB-C to USB-C Gen 2 Cable (3ft) at Amazon.

Anker PowerLine II USB-A to USB-C Cable

This cable is designed for a USB-A charger. With a USB-A connector on one end and a USB-C connector on the other end for seamless compatibility with the Sony a7CR. Supporting USB 3.1 Gen 2, it allows you to transfer files at the a7CR’s maximum speed capability.

Anker PowerLine II USB-A to USB-C Cable at Amazon.

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