Will Sony Invite Canon and Nikon Sports Photographers to its November Event?

A few weeks ago, we reported that Sony would unveil new products at the Creative Space event in New York scheduled for November 7-8th. Intriguingly, there is news that a prominent European sports photographer has received an invitation to an event in Istanbul, which happens to coincide with the New York event.

Adding to the intrigue, it’s worth noting that Canon and Nikon sports photographers have also received invitations to this event. While we can’t confirm this with absolute certainty, there’s a growing anticipation that the Sony a9 III might make an appearance.

Sony’s November plans appear to be quite significant, and the inclusion of sports photographers from Canon and Nikon raises questions about their strategy. Could Sony be aiming to unveil superior sports photography cameras during these events, with the goal of enticing photographers to make the switch from Canon and Nikon to Sony? Although the precise details of the announcements remain shrouded in mystery, the mounting evidence suggests that the Sony a9 III’s release is becoming increasingly probable.

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