Sony ECM-M1 Microphone Officially Announced

In addition to the Sony a6700 and FE 70-200mm f/4 Macro G OSS II Lens, Sony today also announced the new Sony ECM-M1 Compact Camera-Mount Digital Shotgun Microphone for content creators and freelance videographers that want the best sound quality possible.

Pre-order links:

Sony ECM-M1 Compact Camera-Mount Digital Shotgun Microphone: $349.99 at B&H.

Sony ECM-M1 Microphone Key Features:

  • Content Creator, Podcaster, Videographer
  • For Sony Cameras with MI Shoe
  • Advanced Beamforming Technology
  • 8 Selectable Modes/Pickup Patterns
  • 2.8″ Compact Design
  • Digital Audio Transmission to Camera
  • Mechanical Noise Suppression
  • Low-Cut Filter and Noise-Cut Filter
  • 4-Channels for Safety Recordings
  • Cable-Free Operation

The new Sony ECM-M1 microphone is an exciting device that allows you to capture audio in a focused direction. It incorporates advanced beamforming microphone technology, which Sony claims to be their latest development. During a recent press event, Sony described it as the most versatile sound capture tool available.

The ECM-M1 microphone is an 8-in-1 shotgun microphone. It offers eight different audio capture modes that you can select using a manual dial at the back of the device. Additionally, it includes advanced noise suppression and a low-cut noise filter, which can be manually activated. The microphone gets its power from the multi-function hot shoe connection found on select Sony cameras, and it directly transfers the audio to the camera recording.

The eight recording modes are as follows:

  1. Super-directional: Ideal for vlogs or interviews, capturing audio directly in front of the camera.
  2. Uni-directional: Useful for recording audio from a small group or a wider source in front of the camera.
  3. Omnidirectional: Records audio from all around the microphone.
  4. Super-directional (rear): Picks up noise only from behind the camera, making it great for walking and talking vlogs.
  5. Super-directional (front and rear): Designed for interviews where the camera operator is behind the camera, and the subject is in front.
  6. Super-directional (front and rear separate): Similar to the previous mode but separates the audio from the front and rear sources.
  7. Stereo: Suitable for music recording or situations requiring separate left and right audio channels.
  8. Ultra-directional: Suppresses all other noise except for what is directly in front of the microphone. Great for vlogging in noisy environments or potentially ASMR.

The microphone offers four recording channels, including both left and right channels. Additionally, it has two backup channels that record omnidirectional sound. One of these backup tracks is set at -20dB to prevent clipping from loud noises.

The ECM-M1 microphone complements Sony’s existing ECM-B1M and ECM-B10 models. It falls between the two in terms of features. The ECM-B1M provides better sound quality with more microphone nodes but offers fewer manual recording modes. On the other hand, the ECM-B10 is the best option for beginners seeking improved sound quality compared to built-in camera microphones.

The ECM-M1 will be priced at $349 / £349 / AU$499 upon release. It will be available in stores starting mid-July 2023, but preorders are currently open.

Main features of shotgun microphone ECM-M1

The ECM-M1 is the world’s first shotgun microphone with eight dial-selectable audio recording modelsxii. With 4 microphone capsules and unique beamforming and advanced digital processing technology, it offers varied modes including stereo. Its ultra-directional mode captures targeted sound from the front (within a 30-degree width) and at the same time effectively suppresses other sounds, dynamically adapting to ambient sound in the surroundings. This mode is ideal for interviews and selfie-oriented scenarios where the subject is always in front of the microphone.

A newly added mode dial with a locking mechanism ensures easy, secure switching of sound pickup modes. The ECM-M1 features noise reduction utilities like a noise cut filter for reducing background noise and a low-cut filter for minimizing vibration and low frequency noise. These filters are implemented through digital signal processing, maximizing audio quality at the recording stage and thereby reducing the need for complex post processing. It also supports 4-channel recording (compatible cameras only), allowing safety recording in omnidirectional mode on channels 3 and 4, while channels 1 and 2 focus on selected directivity.

Compact and lightweight, the ECM-M1 enhances mobility, empowering creators to capture high-quality audio in diverse situations. Simply clip the microphone into the Multi Interface Shoe on a compatible camera for direct power and audio connections without the need for extra cables or batteries. When connected via the Multi Interface Shoe of a compatible camera that features a built-in digital audio interface, the audio signal is directly transferred to the camera in digital form so that no degradation can occur. A simple switch also provides compatibility with a wide range of cameras using an analog interface.