NiSi 15mm f/4 Sunstar Lens now Available for Pre-order

Available in Canon RF, Nikon Z, Sony E and Fujifilm X mounts, the new NiSi 15mm f/4 Sunstar Wide Angle Full Frame lens is now available for pre-order at B&H, Adorama. The US price is $579. Shipping will begin on February 26, 2021.

NiSi 15mm f/4 Sunstar Super Wide Angle Lens.

The NiSi 15mm f/4 Sunstar Super Wide Angle Full Frame ASPH Lens combines a compact form factor with a super ultra-wide field of view making it the perfect companion for landscape, seascape, night, architecture, interior and nature applications. The wide 112 Degree angle of view is combined with an advanced optical design, which includes aspherical, and low dispersion elements, to achieve a well-corrected, sharp, and color-accurate image. The lens has a manual focus design and allows working with subjects as close as 0.2m/7.87″ away.