Fujifilm X-S20 Officially Announced

Fujifilm today officially announced the new Fujifilm X-S20 mirrorless camera and XF 8mm f/3.5 R WR ultra wide angle lens.

Fujifilm X-S20 body: $1,299 at B&HAdorama.

Fujifilm XF 8mm f/3.5 R WR Lens: $799 at B&HAdorama.

The Fujifilm X-S20 mirrorless camera introduces enhanced video features and a new vlog mode while retaining the core characteristics of its predecessor. With its familiar design, comfortable grip, ample ports, and built-in image stabilization (now housing a larger battery), the X-S20 appeals to both beginner and intermediate photographers.

Starting from June 29th, the Fujifilm X-S20 will be available at an MSRP of $1299 for the body only. Two kit options will also be offered, including the XC15-45 for $1399 and the XF18-55 for $1599. Compared to its predecessor, the X-S10, this marks a $300 price increase.

Fujifilm X-S20 Key Specifications:

  • 26MP X-Trans BSI-CMOS sensor
  • 5-axis in-body image stabilization (CIPA-rated to 7 stops)
  • On-sensor phase detection
  • 3″, 1.84M-dot fully articulating touchscreen
  • 2.36M-dot OLED electronic viewfinder
  • 20 fps burst shooting (up to 30 fps with a crop)
  • 6K recording at up to 30 fps
  • DCI and UHD 4K at up to 30p with 10-bit F-Log and F-Log2 support
  • External mic and 3.5mm headphone socket
  • 750 shots per charge using LCD
  • USB power delivery support
  • Single UHS-II card slot
  • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
  • Compatibility with FAN-001

While the spec sheet suggests similarities between the X-S20 and its predecessor, closer examination reveals subtle yet noteworthy changes. Buttons and dials have been repositioned or enlarged for improved usability. The grip has grown slightly to accommodate a larger battery, and a flap for a headphone jack now resides beneath the palm rest. Further differences emerge when exploring the menus and manipulating the mode dial.

The most significant upgrade in the X-S20 lies in its video capabilities, thanks to the enhanced X Processor 5. It unlocks internal 4K/60 4:2:2 10-bit recording and open-gate (3:2 aspect) 6.2K resolution. The camera also introduces the F-Log2 color profile, providing an additional stop of grading potential at its base ISO of 1250. External HDMI recorders can now utilize ProRes RAW or Blackmagic RAW output.

The X-S20 shares similarities with the mini X-H2, evidenced by its compatibility with the FAN-001 cooling fan that attaches easily to the camera’s rear. Additionally, the X-S20 incorporates a headphone jack, eliminating the need for a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter.

When used independently, the X-S20 has a limited continuous record time, lasting only 36 minutes in demanding 6.2K mode at 25°C (77°F). However, with the FAN-001 attached, the runtime doubles to 78 minutes.

A new ‘1080/60P LP’ mode is introduced to facilitate extended recording. By utilizing a 1.29x crop, the processor reduces binning or line skipping, providing 32 minutes of recording in 40°C (104°F) heat, or 78 minutes with the FAN-001.

Vlog mode, conveniently accessible via the mode dial, offers a user-friendly video shooting interface for content creators. It features six quick-access buttons on the touchscreen for common functions such as stabilization, self-timer, eye/face detection, product priority mode (enabling autofocus on objects close to the lens), high-speed recording toggle, and background defocus mode (maximizing lens aperture). When filming, the X-S20 indicates activity with a red box on the LCD preview or a green box for high-speed footage.

For Twitch streamers and other live streamers, the X-S20 can serve as an impressive webcam. Utilizing the USB-C port, the camera can output a 4K/60p live stream, and it no longer requires the XWebcam software, as it now relies on the UAC standard.

Stills photographers benefit from the faster X Processor 5, which brings improved autofocus algorithms originally developed for the high-end X-H2S model. This enhancement ensures better capture of moving subjects and smaller subjects in particular.

Furthermore, the X-S20 inherits subject detection modes from the X-H2 family, allowing individual selection of modes in PASM or custom modes. Options include Animal, Bird, Automobile, Motorcycle & Bike, Airplane, and Train. In full Auto mode, the camera attempts to recognize the subject and apply the appropriate mode automatically.

Press Release:

Fujifilm Launches FUJIFILM X-S20 Mirrorless Digital Camera

High-Capacity Battery, High-Performance Autofocus, and Advanced Video-Recording Functions, a Powerful Story-Creation Tool Designed for the Active Content Creator

VALHALLA, N.Y., May 24, 2023 – FUJIFILM North America Corporation announced today the launch of its FUJIFILM X-S20 mirrorless digital camera (X-S20). With a lightweight, compact form factor reminiscent of its predecessor, the FUJIFILM X-S10, X-S20 brings new features including AI-based subject-detection autofocus (AF), the capability to record 6.2K/30P video, and stream 4K/60P video natively through USB-C.

“X-S20 is truly a dream camera for any content creator looking to take their photos and videos creation to the next level, but especially for the ones that are documenting their lives, traveling the world, or streaming their stories online.” said Lisa Baxt, marketing director, Electronic Imaging Division, FUJIFILM North America Corporation. “It offers premium image quality and advanced portability, catering to a variety of image creation styles ranging from casual self-portraits to full-fledged photography and videography. With content creators turning to digital cameras more than ever before, we are confident that X-S20 will be well received with users pushing long-form content to platforms, like Twitch, especially since no fees are required to unlock the feature.”

Main features:

High image quality and high-performance AF

• X-S20 is equipped with the back-illuminated 26.1MP sensor “X-Trans™ CMOS 4” and the
high-speed image processing engine “X-Processor 5” to produce high-quality images while
keeping power consumption lower than its predecessor model, X-S10.

• X-S20 features subject-detection AF developed with deep learning/artificial intelligence (AI) technology. In this case, AI is used to detect animals, birds, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, airplanes, trains, insects and drones. The evolved AF prediction algorithm enables stable focusing even in AF-C mode. 

• The AUTO mode, which automatically selects optimum settings according to scenes, is complemented with the new AUTO Subject Detection function, which automatically detects and tracks a subject while keeping it in focus, allowing the creator to produce high-quality stills and videos with ease.

• X-S20 comes with 19 Film Simulation modes including “Nostalgic Neg,” characterized by
high saturation and soft tonality. Users can use Film Simulation presets, designed for various subject types and scenes to produce a photographic film look and feel.

High-capacity battery and high-performance in-body image stabilization (IBIS) mechanism in a lightweight form factor

• X-S20 features the X-S Series’ signature large grip for reliable handheld stability, while 
keeping the body compact and lightweight, weighing in at just 1.08 lbs. (491g).1 

• The use of the high-capacity battery, NP-W235, has more than doubled the number of frames in Economy Mode to approximately 800 compared to that of the previous X-S10 model.

• X-S20 is equipped with a five-axis IBIS mechanism that offers up to 7.0-stops2, making it easy to create images or video hand-held, even at night or in low-light conditions. 

• X-S20 features a 2.36-million-dot Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) with 0.62x magnification as well as a 1.84-million-dot rear LCD monitor with a vari-angle structure that can be positioned in a range of angles, making self-portraits easy. The camera can be also combined with the FUJIFILM Tripod Grip, TG-BT1, for vlog production. 

6.2K/30P video recording and other extensive video functions including the new Vlog Mode 

• X-S20 can record 6.2K/30P 4:2:2 10-bit video internally and supports extensive video 
functions that include capabilities, like hi-speed 1080/240P slow motion and 4K/60P streaming through USB-C. 

• X-S20 features F-Log2 for recording video in the expanded 13+ stop dynamic range for enriched tonality, adding freedom in post-production creativity. 

• When combined with an ATOMOS HDMI device, RAW video output from the X-S20 can be recorded as 12-bit Apple ProRes RAW at resolutions up to 6.2K and frame rates up to 29.97fps. When combined with Blackmagic Design Video Assist 12G, RAW video output from X-S20 can be recorded as Blackmagic RAW at resolutions up to 6.2K and frame rates up to 29.97fps. 

• X-S20 features a 3.5mm microphone / earphone jack for broad compatibility with today’s available audio tools, despite its compact and lightweight body. Furthermore, the new Vlog Mode has been introduced to facilitate Vlog production.

• A USB-Type C cable can connect the camera to a computer to use as a webcam without 
 the need for additional software3. Alternatively, content creators can utilize OBS with X- S20 to stream 4K/60P video directly from the camera to the online streaming platform of their choice. Film Simulation modes are available even during live streaming or online meetings. Image settings can be adjusted even while the camera is connected to a computer.

Pricing and Availability:

FUJIFILM X-S20 mirrorless digital camera body and camera body with lens kits will be available from authorized FUJIFILM dealers in the United States on or around June 29th, 2023.

FUJIFILM X-S20 Mirrorless Camera Body in Black will be available at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $1,299.95 USD and $1,749.99 CAD.

FUJIFILM X-S20 Mirrorless Camera Body in Black with the FUJINON XC15-45mmF3.5-5.6 OIS PZ Lens Kit will be available at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $1,399.95 USD and $1,899.99 CAD.

FUJIFILM X-S20 Mirrorless Camera Body in Black with the FUJINON XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS Lens Kit will be available at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $1,699.95 and $2,299.99 CAD.

For more information, visit https://fujifilm-x.com/en-us/products/cameras/x-s20/.

1 Referenced weight includes supplied battery and memory card.
2 With FUJINON XF35mmF1.4R lens mounted.
3 4K output requires a 4K compatible monitor, a USB cable of USB 3.0 or greater, and supported software