New “Fujifilm XApp” Smartphone App for the GFX / X Series Digital Cameras

Controlling a camera remotely with the XApp, Image Credit: Fujifilm

Fujifilm announced the launch of “Fujifilm XApp“, a new app for use with the GFX / X Series of digital cameras. The app will be released for download on May 25, 2023.

Introducing the XApp, a new application designed to seamlessly connect Fujifilm GFX / X Series digital cameras with smartphones or tablets, allowing users to control the camera remotely and transfer captured images to their connected device for immediate viewing. The XApp offers a significant improvement in wireless communication stability and speed compared to the existing “FUJIFILM Camera Remote” app (Camera Remote). Its enhanced usability ensures a smoother and more efficient process for transferring images from the camera to a smartphone or tablet. During the transfer, the app preserves important shooting information, such as the camera and lens used, as well as the location of the photo shoot, providing users with a comprehensive overview of their photographic journey. Furthermore, the XApp introduces a unique feature that presents a visual photo journal, showcasing the day’s shooting activities and enhancing the overall photographic experience for GFX and X Series users.

Transferring pictures saved in a camera with the XApp, Image Credit: Fujifilm

The Fujifilm XApp replaces the previous Camera Remote app as the default application for supported cameras, marking a significant upgrade for users moving forward.

The XApp revolutionizes image transfer, sharing, remote control, firmware updates, and even offers insightful statistics within a single, user-friendly interface. Fujifilm proudly presents improved image transfer speeds, more reliable Bluetooth connections, and a minimalist design. Compatible cameras will now automatically synchronize their date stamps with the smartphone’s clock, and GPS data can be assigned to images if desired.

Moreover, the Fujifilm XApp tracks users’ shooting habits and locations, providing a unified timeline interface that displays essential information such as preferred lenses, chosen film simulations, and the number of shots taken (represented in virtual ‘rolls’ or ‘feet of film’ for video and stills respectively).

The XApp also enables users to store, modify, and apply camera settings, simplifying the synchronization of settings across multiple cameras of the same model.

While not all Fujifilm cameras will be compatible with the XApp due to Bluetooth requirements, a wide range of cameras will be supported initially, with future plans to include models like the GFX 100 and GFX 50R.

Press Release:

Fujifilm Releases the FUJIFILM XApp Smartphone App for its GFX System and X Series Digital Cameras

Engineered to Provide Seamless Connectivity, Fujifilm’s New XApp Touts Several New Features to Enhance the Photographer’s Workflow

VALHALLA, N.Y., May 24, 2023 — FUJIFILM North America Corporation today announced
the launch of “FUJIFILM XApp” Smartphone App (XApp)1, designed for use with Fujifilm’s
applicable GFX System and X Series digital cameras2. The App will be released on May 25, 2023, as a free App download for compatible Apple iOS and Android devices. XApp replaces the former FUJIFILM Camera Remote app (Camera Remote), which connected a Wi-Fi capable digital camera with a Smartphone (or tablet) for remote image making, image transfer and viewing. The features of XApp have been significantly enhanced for optimal usability, including a variety of new features primarily around wireless connectivity and speed.

“Fujifilm listened carefully to user feedback when developing the FUJIFILM XApp,” said Lisa Baxt, marketing director, Electronic Imaging Division, FUJIFILM North America Corporation. “The new XApp has been engineered to provide superior connectivity and a host of useful functions that will enable our users to document, archive, and share photos created on Fujifilm cameras. We are passionate about the digital advancement of our electronic imaging business, and the new XApp is a perfect example of our continued evolution.”

Main Features

Enhanced design, speed, and image transfer capabilities

• XApp’s enhanced system design ensures quicker, smoother connectivity between camera and smartphones and/or tablets as compared to the Camera Remote App.
• The new “Image Transfer Order” function makes it possible to transfer images from a compatible Fujifilm digital camera to a smartphone or tablet device even when the camera is powered off, and also while creating further images. This facilitates seamless posting and sharing of images on social media and messaging apps directly from XApp.

• XApp has been updated with a high-contrast design in black and white as base tones. Text size has been increased from Camera Remote to create a user interface with improved visibility.

Wireless connectivity for ease of image-making

• When connected via Bluetooth, XApp allows users to remotely operate their applicable FUJIFILM GFX System and X Series cameras while checking live view on a smartphone or tablet device. Certain image settings including aperture, ISO, and shutter speed can also be configured from the smartphone or tablet device using the XApp.

• Using XApp’s new “Backup/Restore” function, compatible product users can save camera settings3 such as “Shooting Menu” and “Setup Menu” in the App or restore them back to the applicable FUJIFILM GFX System or X Series camera. Favorite camera settings for different subject types can be managed in the XApp, making it quick and easy to change settings even during image creation, and settings saved in the connected, compatible GFX System or X Series camera can be accessed via XApp for instant recovery as needed. Camera settings can also be shared to multiple cameras of the same model via the App, thus streamlining multi-camera sessions.

• The date, time, and geolocation information of the compatible Fujifilm digital camera connected to XApp are automatically synched with the camera, keeping accurate time for the in-camera clock and, if permission is given, recording accurate geolocation data about a location as part of the image’s metadata. The recorded geolocation data is automatically displayed on the XApp’s timeline map for easy access.

Activity and Timeline functions4 enable personalized data and file transfer options

• XApp features the new Activity function, which automatically aggregates and displays image information, such as the number of images created, and the camera/lens/Film Simulation mode used with any given image, for easy reference.

• XApp’s Timeline function allows users to selectively permit the transfer of Activity records5 to a smartphone or tablet device and chronologically view critical information, including images, number of images created, image location information and the camera/lens used, thus auto-generating an activity feed that can be modified to suit individual user preferences.

Firmware Update Notifications

XApp issues a notification when a new firmware is released for the user’s applicable, compatible GFX System or X Series digital camera. The user simply follows the instructions in the notification to easily ensure the camera’s firmware is up to date.

Compatible models

The newly introduced FUJIFILM X-S20 mirrorless digital camera is manufactured to automatically be compatible with the new FUJIFILM XApp without added firmware.
Additionally, the following GFX System and X Series models are also compatible, subject to downloading of Fujifilm’s latest firmware release:


Supported operating systems:

iOS 13, 14, 15, 16

Android OS 11, 12, 13


FUJIFILM XApp Smartphone App will be available for download on May 25, 2023, for compatible iOS and Android users. For more information or to download the necessary firmware to your GFX System or X Series digital camera, please visit

1 Compatible with applicable version smartphones and tablet devices.
2 Not compatible with all FUJIFILM GFX System and X Series digital camera products. In certain instances, download of Fujifilm’s latest firmware update will be required to ensure compatibility.
3 Applies to all compatible GFX System and X Series camera settings except for network settings and custom white balance settings.
4 The timeline and activity functions may not be available in certain countries and geographic regions. To view the image information with these functions where available, users must first sign into Fujifilm’s network service with social media authentication (Facebook, Apple, Google).
5 Activity record refers to a record of image creation activity that involves the use of a compatible, Bluetooth connected FUJIFILM GFX System or X Series camera. Only the information that users selectively permit on the XApp is aggregated.