Dynamic Range Comparison: Sony a7RII vs a7R vs Canon 5Ds R

Here is the very first Dynamic Range image test comparison: Sony a7RII vs a7R vs Canon 5Ds R, done by Tim Parkin from On Landscape.

Tim writes:

How well does the new Sony A7Rii perform in terms of dynamic range. There are rumors that it performs slightly better than the Sony A7R which itself performs better than the Canon. Well, let’s take a look. Our test involved exposing a picture so that the brightest parts are exposed to the right and then underexposing a shot by 6 stops.

We can obviously see a considerable difference here and so straight out of lightroom the A7Rii is nothing short of incredible. Let me remind you, this is +5 exposure and +100 shadow recovery!

This is isn’t a real world test, so itis too early to make any conclusion. Tim will do a few more Sony a7RII tests comparing the Canon 5DSR. Let’s wait and see the results in the next few days.

Stay tuned for more info.

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via: On Landscape and SAR

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