Canon EOS R5 Mark II Will Be Announced in February 2024

Reliable sources have confirmed that the Canon EOS R5 Mark II is currently transitioning from the prototype phase to the initial production phase. This is an important step in the camera’s development, indicating that Canon is progressing towards the next stages of production, including tooling and parts allocation.

Multiple reputable sources have consistently stated that the official announcement of the Canon EOS R5 Mark II is expected to take place in February 2024. The exact format of this announcement is still uncertain, with possibilities ranging from a teaser campaign to a full-scale product launch.

Interestingly, one source has reported that the camera will be available shortly after the official announcement. This suggests that photographers eager to get their hands on the device won’t have to wait too long.

Although specific specifications for the EOS R5 Mark II have not been revealed yet, rumors are likely to circulate as the camera enters the production phase. Given that the announcement is set for February, it seems plausible that the camera could be unveiled at the CP+ event.

One aspect that fans are particularly curious about is whether the EOS R5 Mark II will include the rumored stacked sensor. However, concrete information about this and other details is currently scarce, which only adds to the anticipation surrounding the camera’s release.

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