Canon EOS R1 Will Come in the first half of 2024, well before the EOS R5 Mark II

According to Canon Rumors, there’s speculation that the Canon EOS R1 could be announced before the EOS R5 Mark II. With a rating of “CR3” and almost confirmed information, it seems to be a reliable rumor.

The anticipated release of the Canon EOS R1 is expected to be well ahead of the EOS R5 Mark II. Similar to the EOS R3, we predict the EOS R1 will follow a development announcement and other stages before its official launch.

There are rumors suggesting that the “EOS R1” may have fewer pixels and might not support 8K, unlike the 45 million pixels found in the “EOS R5.” However, since 8K usage isn’t widespread yet, the lack of 8K support in the “EOS R1” may not pose a significant issue.

For those requiring 8K capabilities, the “EOS R5 / EOS R5C” line remains a suitable choice. It’s expected that the “EOS R5” series will continue to deliver functionality compatible with “8K,” making it a better option for shooting 8K and building rigs with various equipment.

There are speculations that the “EOS R5 Mark II” might be released in the latter half of 2024. This assumption stands until any substantial information arises.

If Canon were to follow in the footsteps of Nikon with the Z9 and Z8, there could be a possibility of a lower-end model of the Canon EOS R1 called the “Baby EOS R1” being released.

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