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Best Mirrorless Cameras 2015

Best Mirrorless Cameras 2015. Looking for a mirrorless camera? Here is the guide for you to get best mirrorless camera deals 2015. Nowadays, Mirrorless cameras have become more and more popular. They are smaller and lighter than DSLRs, and many people use them to take photos when they are travelling to memory their bright and exciting time. Also, we can use them in daily life.

There are many mirrorless cameras in the market: Sony A7S, Sony A7R,  Sony A7II, Sony A7,  Samsung NX1,  Sony A6000, Panasonic GH4, Olympus E-M5 II, Olympus E-M1, Fujifilm X-T1, Fujifilm X-E2 and many many more.  So, here are the top rated mirrorless cameras in 2015. Hope this buying guide is useful for you to find the best mirrorless cameras.

Best Mirrorless Cameras 2015


Under $500 | Under $800 | Under $1000 | Under $1500 | Over $1500

Best Mirrorless Cameras Under $500

Below is the list of best mirrorless cameras under $500 reviewed by DxOMark and DPreview. Not like DSLRs, some of mirrorless cameras are very cheap, and if you are looking for an entry-level mirrorless camera,  Sony A5100 and A5000 are great choices. Fujifilm X-M1 won Gold Awards at dpreview. And the Olympus E-PM2 is another great mirrorless camera, winning silver awards at dpreview. So, take a look.

Camera Price DxOMark dpreview Score Buy Now
Sony A5100(2014.08) $448 80 - Amazon
Sony A5000(2014.01) $448 79 - Amazon
Fujifilm X-E1(2012.09) $499 - 79%Gold Awards Amazon
Fujifilm X-M1(2013.06) $349 - 77% Gold Award Amazon
Olympus PEN E-PL7(2013.06) $499 - - Amazon
Sony A3000(2013.08) $299 78 - Amazon
Sony NEX-5T(2013.08) $349 78 - Amazon
Samsung NX300(2013.01) $399 76 - Amazon
Olympus E-PM2(2012.09) $328 72 77%Silver Awards Amazon
Olympus E-PL5(2012.09) $329 72 - Amazon
Nikon 1 J4(2013.06) $299 53 - Amazon

Best Mirrorless Cameras Under $800 (Price at $500 – $800)

Below is the list of best mirrorless cameras under $800 reviewed by DxOMark and DPreview. At this price range, there are a lot of great mirrorless cameras: Sony A6000, Fujifilm X-Pro 1, Fujifilm X-E2, Olympus E-M10, Olympus E-P5 and so on. You can choose the one suits you best: the price you can afford, the camera brand you like best. Sony A6000 is one of the best mirrorless cameras, it has world’s fasest AF speed according to Sony. Fujifilm X-E2, X-Pro 1 and Olympus E-M10 are also great mirrorless cameras

Camera Price DxOMark dpreview Score Buy Now
Sony A6000(2014.02) $548 82 80% Gold Award Amazon
Fujifilm X-Pro 1(2012.01) $799 - 79%Silver Awards Amazon
Fujifilm X-E2(2013.10) $799 - 80% Gold Award Amazon
Olympus E-M10(2014.01) $599 72 80% Gold Award Amazon
Panasonic GX7(2013.08) $529 70 79%Silver Awards Amazon
Panasonic GH3(2012.09) $797 71 79%Gold Awards Amazon
Olympus E-M5(2012.02) $799 71 80%Gold Awards Amazon
Olympus E-P5(2013.05) $799 72 78%Silver Awards Amazon
Panasonic GM1(2013.10) $679 - - Amazon
Panasonic GF7(2013.04) $519 - - Amazon

Best Mirrorless Cameras Under $1,000 (Price at $800-$1,000)

Currently, there is only Panasonic GM5 in this price range,

Camera Price DxOMark dpreview Score Buy Now
Panasonic GM5(2012.09) $897 71 77%Gold Awards Amazon

Best Mirrorless Cameras Price under $1,500

Samsung NX1 4K video recording mirrorless camera gets 87% gold award from dpreview. It features a large 28.2MP BSI APS-C CMOS sensor which can offer high-resolution digital imagery, 4K video at 24 fps, UHD at 30 fps, full 1080p HD video at up to 60 fps. And it has fast DRIMe V Image Signal Processor. Almost every feature on the Samsung NX1 seems to be aimed directly at a class leading competitor, and with impressive results. The NX1 has best in class image quality, best in class video quality, and a lightning fast autofocus system. Panasonic GH4 is the world’s first Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds camera with 4K video recording capability and it gets 85% overall score Gold Award at DPReview.  Of course,  Sony A7,  Olympus E-M5 IIOlympus E-M1Fujifilm X-T1 are also very very great mirrorless cameras. Choose the one you like best!

Camera Price DxOMark dpreview Score Buy Now
Samsung NX1(2014.09) $1,499 83 87% Gold Award Amazon
Sony A7(2013.10) $1,198 90 80% Silver Award Amazon
Panasonic GH4(2014.02) $1,498 74 85% Gold Award Amazon
Olympus E-M5 II(2014.02) $1,099 - 81% Silver Award Amazon
Olympus E-M1(2013.09) $1,299 73 84% Gold Award Amazon
Fujifilm X-T1(2014.01) $1,199 - 84% Gold Award Amazon
Nikon 1 V3(2014.03) $1,196 - 76% Amazon

Best Mirrorless Cameras Price over $1,500

In fact, if you have enough money, the first choices and the best choices for mirrorless cameras are: Sony A7S, Sony A7R, Sony A7II.

Camera Price DxOMark dpreview Score Buy Now
Sony A7S(2014.04) $2,498 87 86% Gold Award Amazon
Sony A7R(2014.04) $1,898 95 82% Gold Award Amazon
Sony A7II(2013.10) $1,698 - 82% Silver Award Amazon
Leica T(2014.01) $1,850 - - Amazon

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  • Ambrose Liu

    I don’t understand how this is rated. The A6000 should be at the top of the under $800 (and probably even the under $1000 category).
    Sony A6000:
    DXOmark: 82
    DPReview: 80% Gold

  • whensly

    why does it say “best 2015″ when most of those cameras are from 2012/13. Silly


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