Will the 100MP Canon EOS R Camera be released in the Q4 of 2024?

Can we anticipate the release of the highly anticipated 100MP Canon EOS R Camera in Q4 of 2024? Since the introduction of the EOS R system in September 2018, persistent rumors circulated about a potential 100MP EOS R system camera. The chatter heightened with the unveiling of the EOS R5 in 2020, only to subside shortly after.

Questions persist about the existence of a high-resolution EOS R system camera. Companies like Canon often plan products that may never materialize due to market dynamics or external challenges. The multitude of reports and discussions surrounding this camera might suggest that unforeseen circumstances led to its non-existence.

The introduction of the EOS R3, featuring Canon’s first stacked sensor, could be a factor in the absence of such a camera in the market. The logical hypothesis is that this stacked sensor technology will extend to other EOS R models, possibly in the EOS R5 Mark II and EOS R1. Global shutters might be reserved for the cinema series cameras.

Rumors hint at a higher resolution camera arriving six or more months after the expected announcement of the EOS R5 Mark II in Q1 of 2024, projecting a potential Q4 release. While a market certainly exists for a 100MP EOS R camera, its size remains uncertain.

For those eagerly awaiting this camera, patience is paramount. According to the latest speculation, the EOS R high-pixel model might be available by the end of 2024, though details about pixel count vary. Previous rumors ranged from 60 million to 80 million pixels, and now the speculation is a whopping 100 million pixels, signaling a significant leap in resolution.

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