Two New Sony High-End Cameras Coming This Year

Sony is anticipated to unveil two new high-end cameras in the coming months, rumored to be the successors to the Sony a7S III and Sony RX1. While the specific models remain unconfirmed, the digital imaging community is abuzz with speculation.

Reportedly, the following Sony cameras are set to make their debut:

  • Successor to Sony ZV-E10 (anticipated release in Spring)
  • New Sony FX camera (upcoming)
  • No successor for Sony a1 expected this year
  • No successor for Sony a7 IV expected this year
  • Potential successors to Sony a7S III and Sony RX1
  • Potential introduction of an entirely new model, such as a medium format camera

While details are scarce, it is rumored that a high-end model is quietly in development. However, it appears that hopes for a successor to the Sony a1 may be dwindling, as per SAR reports. This raises questions about whether the successor to the a7S III would be the “a7S IV.”

Furthermore, little information is available about the other high-end model. Speculations arise regarding whether the successor to the ZV-E10, potentially based on the a6700, could be characterized as a high-end model within the “APS-C ZV” lineup. The prospect of an updated RX1 is also of interest, prompting curiosity about Sony’s plans for the discontinued Cyber-shot series.

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