Sony Released New APPs: Touchless Shutter, Lighting Painting

Sony recently released two new apps: Touchless Shutter, Lighting Painting. The new Touchless Shutter app lets you trigger cameras without touching them. That’s really a cool thing!

Donwload Touchless Shutter at Playmermories

From Sony:

With this application, you can simply hold your hand over the eye sensor to release the shutter.
Now you can operate the shutter without touching the camera, thus eliminating camera shake once and for all. When bulb-shooting, hold your hand over the eye sensor twice to start and end the exposure.

The latest PlayMemories Camera App is currently in beta and is available for a number of Sony mirrorless and compact cameras, including the NEX-5R, NEX-6, HX400V, HX60V, RX100 III, and more.

This application supports bulb-shooting with: A7S and A7 II.

And there is another new APP called Lighting Painting.

From Sony:

This application shoots light traces drawn with a penlight or other light source to create photo art (light paintings). Light traces are automatically extracted from the image and can be superimposed on a background to create an art work. Unlike typical long-exposure light paintings, this app lication easily achieves light paintings without complicated camera settings or computer editing.

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