Sony a7RII and RX100 IV Eye AF Tests by DPReview

Dpreview posted the Eye AF Test reviews on the new Sony a7RII and RX100 IV.

DPReview Conclusions:

A7rII with adapted 50mm Sigma EF lens: In fact, it’s this accurate phase-detect AF that allows the a7R II to focus the Sigma 50mm F1.4 lens with far more accuracy than a DSLR. We have to microadjust F1.4 primes all the time on DSLRs to get accurate focus out of them, and even then, peripheral AF points may continue to be off.

A7rII with 24-70mm FE lens: The camera automatically finds the nearest eye, and continuously focuses on it, despite rather drastic and fast movement along the X, Y, and Z (distance) axes. No hunting, no jumping off to some other subject, just fast and effective AF on Richard’s eye.

Eye AF on the RX100m4: it’s really, really good, especially when you consider the RX100 IV has a contrast-detect only AF system. The new Sony RX100 IV offers incredibly compelling autofocus, enhanced from previous models due to the faster readout of the image sensor. Despite using contrast-detect only AF, the camera is able to quickly focus not just on faces, but on eyes within faces.

Test Videos:

Sony a7R II – Eye AF (AF-C)

Sony a7R II – Continuous AF with Sigma 50mm F1.4 (Canon EF Mount)

Sony RX100 IV: Eye AF (AF-C)

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Sony a7RII: $3,198 at Amazon, BHphoto, Adorama.

Sony RX10 II: $1,298 at Amazon, BHphoto, Adorama.

Sony RX100 IV: $948 at Amazon, BHphoto, Adorama.