Do You Really Think iPhone 6S Can Take Better Video Than Nikon D750?

Fstoppers published a controversial video “The iPhone 6s Takes Better Video Than My Professional Nikon DSLR” (This Pro DSLR is Nikon D750). They compare the 4k footage from the iPhone down-sampled to 1080p to the 1080p footage from the Nikon D750. The conclusion is: the iPhone 6S wins.

“The point of the video wasn’t to say that the iPhone was a better camera than a professional DSLR, it was meant to inspire photographers to use the gear they currently own to create beautiful images. Obviously the iPhone is infinitely worse than any current DSLR for stills but surprisingly it appears to be a far better video camera than my $3000 DSLR when there is enough light present.”

Do you really think iPhone 6S can take better video than Nikon D750?

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