Panasonic LUMIX S5II & S5IIX Get, AF Upgrades with Upcoming Firmware Update

Panasonic has revealed plans for firmware updates for both the Lumix S5 II and Lumix S5 IIX cameras. Firmware version 3.0 is set to enhance the S5II, while version 2.0 will bring improvements to the S5 IIX. These updates will introduce several new features, such as pre-shot buffering, proxy recording, and direct uploading to Adobe’s collaboration platform.

These enhancements aim to make the cameras even more versatile tools for content creation. Notably, the integration of connectivity into both LUMIX models allows for seamless uploading of proxy videos, JPEGs, and RAW files to Adobe’s collaborative cloud system. This connectivity, available via Wi-Fi or USB-tethering, enables production teams to efficiently share, review, and edit content captured with the S5 II and S5 IIx.

A significant addition is the “record proxy video” feature, which accompanies compatibility. This feature creates shareable video files for the Adobe cloud platform, facilitating post-production processes. Proxy video, available during MOV recording on both cameras and in ProRes on the S5 IIx, is saved to the SD Slot 2 memory card and supports shooting up to 60p.

Furthermore, the firmware update introduces pre-burst shooting, allowing users to capture moments up to 1.5 seconds before the shutter release, albeit only when using the electronic shutter. The autofocus system also receives enhancements with improved AI-powered subject recognition, particularly in identifying individual human subjects in crowded scenes and distinguishing between humans and animals.

For video shooters, there’s a new HIGH mode for E-Stabilization, designed to correct larger shakes when shooting on the move. Additionally, an option to correct perspective distortions occurring during video shooting has been included. Other improvements encompass enhanced operational stability and better image quality in pictures taken with Live View Composite mode.

Panasonic is scheduled to release these firmware updates on April 21, 2024.

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  • Compatible with Camera to Cloud
    By connecting the camera to the internet via Wi-Fi, you can upload still images and proxy videos directly to the platform.
    *This does not guarantee all of the functions of “ Camera to Cloud”.
  • [Proxy Recording] function has been added.
    •A proxy video with a low bit rate can also be recorded simultaneously during video recording.
  • [SH PRE] function has been added.
    •[SH PRE] function has been added, which enables recording of images for the set amount of time even between when the shutter button is pressed halfway until it is pressed fully when taking SH burst pictures.
  • Automatic detection function has been enhanced.
    •Tracking and recognition performance of human recognition have been improved.
    •It is possible to set [Target Parts] and detect eyes for [ANIMAL].
    •[CAR] and [MOTORCYCLE] have been added to automatic detection.
  • Enhancement of Image Stabilizer performance.
    •[HIGH] has been added to the E-Stabilization (Video) function, which electronically corrects large shakes when shooting on the move.
    •A perspective distortion correction has been added to correct distortion that tends to occur during video recording when using a wide-angle lens.
  • Other improvement
    •Operational stability has been improved.
    •There were cases where coloring such as reddish-purple occurs under certain conditions when shooting in Live View Composite mode.  This phenomenon has been fixed.

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