OM SYSTEM 50-200mm f/2.8 PRO and 50-250mm f/4 Lenses Coming in Late 2023

OM Digital is planning two telephoto zoom lenses on its lens roadmap , and it seems likely that these two will be announced in the second half of 2023.

  • OM SYSTEM M.Zuiko Digital ED 50-200mm f/2.8 PRO Lens
  • OM SYSTEM M.Zuiko Digital ED 50-250mm f/4 Lens

I expect that it will be a telephoto zoom lens that makes use of the Micro Four Thirds system, which doubles the focal length in terms of 35mm equivalent. M.Zuiko already has two “40-150mm” zoom lenses in its lineup, and the lenses rumored this time have a lot of overlapping focal lengths. (Well, according to the roadmap) I’m wondering if it will be a renewal of the current F2.8 / F4 zoom or an additional lineup.

In terms of 35mm equivalent, if the telephoto end is 100mm different, the view of the world will be completely different. Both are f-numbers, and not only the optical performance but also the price and size are a concern. Is it a feeling of waiting for additional information (rumors) whether they will be announced at the same time or whether they will be announced at different times?

There seems to be quite a lot of requests for affordable lenses as well as expensive PRO lenses, so the appearance of the 50-250mm F4 seems to be welcomed. If the telephoto end reaches 250mm (equivalent to 500mm), it will be able to coexist with the current 40-150mm F4 PRO and 40-150mm F4-5.6 in the 300mm equivalent class without any problems.

So far, there is no information (rumors) at all, but I would like to expect a successor to the “OM-D E-M1X” and the movement of the “PEN” series soon.

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