“Nikon Z8 $3,599” is 100% Fake Information

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Nikon enthusiasts have been buzzing with anticipation and speculation over the rumored Nikon Z8, the company’s latest full-frame mirrorless camera. However, recent reports suggest that the supposed $3,599 price tag for the Z8 that has been circulating on Chinese social media is nothing but fake news. According to Nikon Rumors, dealers have yet to receive any official pricing details for the much-hyped camera.

While some may have been excited about the possibility of snagging a high-end full-frame camera for a bargain price, the reality is that the Nikon Z8 is likely to be more expensive than the rumored $3,599. It’s possible that some dealers may be trying to generate buzz and pre-orders by creating false listings for the camera.

Despite the lack of concrete information on the Z8’s pricing, rumors continue to abound about the camera’s features and capabilities. Some have speculated that it may include a stacked CMOS sensor, while others have suggested that it could have a 61-megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor that would put it in direct competition with the Sony a7R V, which is currently priced at $3,898.

It’s important to take these rumors with a grain of salt, however. As Nikon Rumors points out, the chances of the $3,599 price point being accurate are slim to none. In fact, earlier rumors had suggested that the Z8 could cost as much as $5,000, which would make it considerably more expensive than the Z7 II, which is currently priced at $2,596.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the Nikon Z8, one thing is certain: Nikon fans and photography enthusiasts alike are eagerly awaiting the release of this highly anticipated camera. Whether it will live up to the hype remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: the Nikon Z8 is sure to be a game-changer in the world of full-frame mirrorless cameras.

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