Nikon Z6 III Leaked Image

Image Credit: NikonRumors

Nikon Rumors has posted a product image that could potentially be the Nikon Z6 III. However, the authenticity of this image remains uncertain as of now.

Given that the article was published on March 31st, it seems unlikely that it’s an April Fool’s Day prank.

If we assume the leaked image is genuine, it appears to show the “Z6 III” logo concealed with tape on a prototype machine under development. Nonetheless, without further confirmation or rumors, the veracity of this information remains unconfirmed.

In comparing the leaked image with the right shoulder parts of the “Z6 II,” “Z9,” and “Z8” models side by side, it’s noted that the current “Z6 II” lacks a logo on the right shoulder, unlike the “Z9” and “Z8.” The leaked image seems to resemble the right shoulder part of the “Z6 II,” with a logo placed and the sensor position mark shifted to the left.

While the body design and control layout of the Z6 III seem akin to the Z8 and Z9, the shape of the rear logo appears distinct. With the limited information available, it’s challenging to draw definitive conclusions. However, if the image indeed proves authentic, it suggests a new model with a distinct design from existing Z cameras, potentially featuring a completely revamped body design compared to the previous Z6 and Z6 II.

The official announcement for the Nikon Z6 III is anticipated around April or May 2024.

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