Nikon D850 Review (by Richard Peters): “The Best Wildlife Photography Camera Ever Made”

Richard Peters, the British professional wildlife photographer, Nikon Ambassador, has completed his review of the new Nikon D850. Richard Peters says the Nikon D850 is the best camera he has ever owned and the Nikon D850 is the best wildlife photography camera ever made.

From Richard Peters:

The D850 is the best camera I’ve ever owned. Period. It offers resolution, speed, power, focusing, ergonomics, high ISO performance, build and more. No other DSLR comes even close to offering such a complete, flexible and all round package. Whilst the D810 was my favourite camera, the D850 is my dream camera, exceeding my expectations and then some. It combines the very best parts of Nikons best cameras. Adds new features and, in doing so, unashamedly raises the bar in truly spectacular fashion. In fact, it offers a defining moment in the evolution of DSLRs.

In addition, Richard Peters compared the four Nikon DSLRs: D500, D810, D850, D5:

To understand where the D850 falls in the current Nikon line-up, with regards to strengths and weaknesses for wildlife photography:

D500excellent all round performer with speed and high ISO. Crop factor can make it harder to shoot wider views. Wide open apertures don’t allow for as narrow depth of field or subject isolation, relative to the subject being the same size in the frame as an FX camera.

D810perfect for hugely detailed prints but not suited to high speed. Birds in flight can especially be tricker because of the older focus system.

D850high resolution, full frame for wider views and better depth of field. Offers cropping power for distant subjects, impressive speed and focus for action, plus excellent low light abilities.

D5ideal for those whose shooting needs prioritise frequent low light and ultra fast action over high resolution and reach.

Looking at the above, it’s very clear Nikon have carefully structured their top 4 bodies. We now have features and price points to suit those who have specific needs and willing compromises. For those who don’t want compromise, the D850 trumps everything around. That is, aside from all but the most niche of wildlife shooting needs.

Nikon D850 pre-orders: $3,296.95 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama.

You can read the full review at Richard Peters.

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