Nikon D800S to be Announced in June, 2014

According to NR, Nikon will announce the new Nikon D800S DSLR camera to replace Nikon D800 and D800E in June, 2014. The new full frame camera will be based on the D800E with a few updates (similar to the D4->D4s refresh).

Here is an updated list of Nikon D800S specifications:

  • 36MP sensor
  • No AA filter (just like the D800E, this time Nikon will only introduce one model without the AA filter)
  • Improved software to suppress moire
  • Same AF improvements like in the D4s
  • Improved low light capabilities: one stop better ISO performance
  • 4 centre autofocus points
  • Built-in GPS
  • Expeed 4 imaging processor (they may call it Expeed 4a)
  • Higher resolution LCD screen
  • sRAW
  • 4k video is unlikely
  • No Built-in Wi-Fi
  • 5 fps (6fps with the MB-D12)
  • The new camera will be lighter (compared to the D800/D800E)
  • The price is expected to be higher than the D800E ($3,296.95)
  • The official announcement is expected for June (most likely at the end of June)