New Nikon Camera “N1718” Registered in Russian

Nikon has registered a new camera under the code name “N1718” in Russian. This is the fourth Nikon camera registered in 2018 (but not-yet-announced), just after Nikon “N1711”, “N1710” and “N1622”. Currently, we don’t know exactly what these cameras will be: Nikon full frame mirrorless camera or Nikon D760. Hope Nikon can unveil some new major products at Photokina 2018 this September.

  • N1718 (with capture authentication ※)
    • Nikon brand digital camera
    • Production: “ALTEK (KUNSHAN) CO LTD” “Nikon (Thailand) Co., Ltd.”

You can read more about Nikon full frame mirrorless camera.

Via: Nokishita, Nikon Camera Rumors