The Benefits of Sony’s Newly-Added Uncompressed 14-Bit RAW

We already reported the breaking news that Sony will add uncompressed 14-Bit RAW on the new Sony a7SII and Sony a7RII (via firmware update), and later to many more cameras. But we still don’t know the detailed benefits of Sony’s newly-added uncompressed 14-Bit RAW. And now, DPReview has got the access to uncompressed Raw files to make clear the benefits of the newly-added uncompressed Raw option.

1) No Artifacts on high contrast edges: “no longer introduce errors and artefacts around high-contrast edges.” “And it’s gone: the artefacts present in the compressed Raw file are completely absent in the newly uncompressed files.”

2) No significant difference in dynamic range: “There’s possibly a tiny improvement if you try to brighten very deep shadows”.

3) Twice size

4) True 14-Bit files

5) Unclear on continuous shooting

And, according to DPReview, Sony is still listening. We know Sony’s new 14 BIT upgrade is offering “uncompressed RAW files” and not “losslessly-compressed Raw”. The reasons are limitations of working with the cameras’ existing processors. And if there’s sufficient user demand, Sony will investigate the development of a lossless compression system.

ReminderSony will add an additional 8 new lenses to its FE full frame lineup by early 2016.

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