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Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Coming in 2016

I already reported that Canon is working on the full frame mirrorless camera, and according to the latest rumors, the new Canon full frame mirrorless camera will be announced in 2016, and some sort of early prototype already exists.

The source said that some sort of early prototype already exists, though it never came out of Canon’s labs. Maybe it is still undergoing lab tests and development.

And, in an interview with DPReview, Masaya Maeda, Managing Director and Chief Executive, Image Communication Products Operations at Canon, confirmed that Canon is working on serious mirrorless camera system other than EOS-M.

Currently no Canon camera offers more than 22MP. Do your DSLR customers ask for higher resolution?

Maeda: Yes. We know that many of our customers need more resolution and this is under consideration. In the very near future you can expect us to show something in terms of mirrorless and also a higher resolution sensor.

In addition, Canon filed a new patent: an EF/EF-S adaptor for full frame mirrorless cameras.

The Canon EOS M3 mirrorless camera has been officially announced in USA and it will be released on October 4, 2015, according to Amazon US. And the rumors said that the new Canon EOS M4 Mirrorless Camera will be a global product and it will be announced in the first part of 2016.

As you know, the new Canon 5Ds & 5Ds R cameras feature super resolution 50MP full frame sensor, so what we will see on Canon Full frame Mirrorless Camera?

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  • ricohflex

    Too little too late. Canon has strong innovation. If Canon can sell you a Canon 5D Mk3 in the shops, you bet Canon has 5D Mk4, Mk5 and Mk6 in its lab; ready to go into production. Canon is good at bleeding the consumer white. It makes very minor changes and then 3 years later sells Camera model Ver2, then 3 years later Ver3, then 3 more years later Ver4, etc…
    Canon has been caught flat footed by Sony.
    Sony introduces advances in 1 year, what Canon can only offer in 10 years.
    Not because Canon is technologically inferior to Sony.
    But because Canon is greedy and wants to s…t…r…e…t…c…h… the product improvement cycle time.


    Yeah, yeah yeah…. we are soooo impressed…. Santa Claus told me tomorrow it will RAIN BANANAs…… Since the 50D and the 60D, Canon didn`t make a decent camera any more. The 20mp EOS 7Mk2 was an INSULT to every Canon user, the “6″ FF (what was the useless name again???) Was beaten by miles from every middle class APs-C, the 5DMk II or III (what was the difference again???) was -10 years- totally overpriced, anti-innovative and way worse than every (payed???) review, the 5Ds/r has it’s video features ass kicked by every 100 $ no name action camera. (but still selling it way over 3000 US$ body only…) And DO NOT FORGET: The Canon focus systems are a DISEASE in low light !!!!

    BUT NOW: WOW!!! After being unable and incompitent to put a standard mount on their hopelessly un- competitive M1 to M3 models (I suspect they died faster then they were introduced…but -maybe- some newbees were pulled over the table to buy this product out of a cows behind) NOW -uhmmmm NO! NOT NOW and -maybe- next year (hopefully) everything will perhaps chance. But they do not even give some specs about it. But we have to wait another year (without a decent newly developed.

    My opinion: The Canon staff would be well advised to KILL their useless CEO who succsessfully destroyed the future of the company and the likelihood of the canon workers for years! After that try to make a HUMBLE new start with good products and prices that can be afforded by the market. (WORLD CRISIS, etc.) FACT: CANON IS YEARs behind the market: Pricewise and technologically, But Canon is full promisses- but facts and innovation you will find at other brands.


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