This Week Camera Times Readers Photos Selection

Here are the weekly most liked images of the Camera Times facebook photostream (and the groups). Keep it up, share and vote your absolute favorite shots and here is the guide:

1) Share & Describe: Go to the Camera Times facebook timeline and submit your favorite shot (and a short description) in the timeline by selecting “Photo / Video”. Or, you can join the specific group to submit your pics directly: Canon Camera Users, Nikon Camera Users, Sony Camera Users, Fujifilm Camera Users, Olympus Users, Leica Camera Users, Panasonic Camera Users, Samsung Camera Users, Sigma Users, GoPro Users.

2) Vote & Comment: All the images will be displayed at the Camera Times facebook photostream and the groups. You can vote & comment the images there.

3) The most liked pictures and some pics selected by myself will be posted weekly on Camera Times.

Note: When sending a pic, feel free to also add a link to your site (or your page) to promote yourself! And I encourage to post images with EXIF details, location details, lenses type etc. If you can write a great article about your travelling or photography (just add some details of your photos and your feeling), or if you have an interesting idea for a guest post, you can contact me here.

Ian Woodhouse: Trying out some new studio lights last night. Shot was taken with Canon 7D Mark II @ 1/160, f10, iso 100. Canon L series 24-105mm lens
Christian Fabian Robotti, Leica D-lux typ 109
Daniel Raymond, Canon EOS 7D Mark II
Lee Kershaw, Kildonan beach on the beautiful Island of Arran with Ailsa Craig in the distance.
Nikon D7100…f/16…2 secs…ISO 100…Sigma 10-20mm@10mm
Mark Bosley, Look forward no back
Sony A7RII with 16-35mm f4
Rob Kelders-Molleman, Nikon D7200