Video: Exploring Portugal with Canon EOS 5Ds by Joel Santos

Canon Europe has posted a new article about exploring Portugal with the new announced Canon EOS 5Ds DSLR camera by Canon Explorer Joel Santos. Top travel photographer Joel Santos spent one week travelling over 2,000 kilometres around Portugal to capture a series of stunning landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes. And then make it into this great video: Exploring Portugal with Canon EOS 5Ds.

From Joel Santos:

I was expecting this camera to have compromises, because it has a huge sensor and you know that when you have a huge sensor you have small photo sensors and then the ability to gather light is not as good. But I was really impressed. I was expecting more trade-offs… I was expecting ‘you can have this resolution but you lose this and that and that…’ but actually on the key aspects of the camera I didn’t lose anything. So, that was good to find out.

And as for shooting high-resolution files at 5fps, Joel reveals:

I was also expecting slightly sluggish operation because it’s a lot of data to crunch – five images per second makes it about 250 million pixels [of image data] to process in just one second… so I think it’s pretty amazing that a camera can do that. I know people always expect cameras to be [fast] like racecars but this camera has a target [audience] it is aimed for and they’ve nailed it! The camera is really good and familiar [to handle] – it delivers.

Read full article at Canon Europe.

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