Two Prosumer Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras in Development

We all know Canon is working hard on the full frame mirrorless camera and some people even said it is being used by select Canon pro photographers. So, although the exact announcement date is unknown, the Canon full frame mirrorless camera will be announced earlier than we thought.

Today the rumor mill is back with some info about Canon full frame mirrorless camera: Canon is actively developing two “prosumer” full frame mirrorless cameras. The flagship Canon full frame mirrorless camera will come first, and 6 to 8 months later the lower-end secone model will be introduced after the release of the flagship mirrorless camera.

It is still not clear whether or not the Canon full frame mirrorless camera will be EF mount or something else.

So, let’s wait! Wait for Canon…to announce one full frame mirrorless monster like Sony a7R III ($3,198) or Sony a9 ($4,498).

You can check the Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Rumored Specifications and read more about the Canon full frame mirrorless camera.

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Via: CanonRumors