Sony Product Managers: A-mount Cameras are NOT Dead, and a7SII Coming

Sony Europe Product Managers Y. Hori and R. Noguchi confirm that Sony A-mount Cameras are NOT Dead, and a7SII is coming in an interview with Mirrorlessons.  Y. Hori and R. Noguchi talked about the great features on newly announced Sony a7RII (Amazon | B&H | Adorama ), RX100 IV (Amazon | B&H | Adorama) and RX10 II (Amazon | B&H | Adorama), and the future of Sony DSLT A-mount cameras and upcoming rumored Sony Alpha a7SII.

From the interview:

The A7r II image stabilisation unit itself is more advanced and complicated than the one used on the A7II.

ML: Could we say that the performance of the 5 axis stabilisation is the same on the A7 II and A7r II?

YH: The amount of compensation is different from lens to lens and focal length to focal length. So we can’t say it’s exactly the same but if we think about the difference in resolution, the A7r II image stabilisation unit itself is more advanced and complicated.

A-mount DSLT cameras are not dead, Sony is still produce A-mount cameras. We may See Sony a99II in September.

ML: The new autofocus system on the A7r II allows for an easier use of A-mount lenses even without the LE-EA4 adapter. This means better compatibility with A-mount lenses, so we could actually call the A7r II a “hybrid” camera. Is Sony still planning to continue with the development of the DSLT line in the long term?

YH: I would say, yes, we can call it a hybrid camera because this is the first attempt to fully use the functions of the camera with the mount adapter. But the SLT cameras still offers some advantages like longer batter life, better grip, and whole functionally is still like DSLRs. We believe customers are still there and that they will love these DSLT cameras. We can’t comment on future products but we are still continuing to produce these A-mount cameras.

Uncompressed RAW:

YH: I’ve heard of this request. If there is a high demand, we can consider developing it in the future.

A new Sony Alpha a7SII

ML: We now have a successor for both the A7 and A7r so logic would have it that the next in line is the A7s…

YH: I hope so. *laughs* Of course I cannot comment but you can imagine, before today, the people wanted in-body stabilisation for the A7r. That was the most frequent feedback from the consumers. So we made this A7r II with even higher resolution. But I cannot comment on future products.

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