Sony Patents Contact Lens Camera with Zoom, Aperture Control and Image Stabilization

Sony recently patented a new “Contact Lens Camera” which would contain autofocus, zoom, WiFi antenna, microchip processor, aperture control, and even image stabilization.

It seems that the wearable contact lens camera is the fufure since three big companies have patented their own contact lens cameras in the last 2 years. The first contact lens patent was filed by google X skunkworks lab in 2014, then Samsung followed up a month ago and now Sony decides to join this contact lens game.

According to the patent, Sony’s contact lens is expected to be the best of the three. This cotact lens will feature autofocus, zoom, aperture control, image sensor, microchip processor, storage unit, WiFi antenna, and image stabilization. Really amazing! And you can control the “shutter” of this camera by consciously blinking your eye/specified eyelid movement.

The image pickup signal processing unit may perform image stabilization for correcting blur of a captured image, the blur being caused by motion of the eyeball.

See the original Sony patent drawing below:

You can read the full document here.

Wearing an “invisible” camera is really cool and I really hope we can see the smart contact lenses in the market within few years.

via: SonyAlphaRumors

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