Sony E-mount Professional Sports Cameras Coming Soon

New Sony E-mount cameras with full frame image sensors will be announced in the near future. This info is confirmed by Kenta Honjo, a manager from Sony, in an interview with DPReview.

The manufacturer’s product manager says that new Sony E-mount cameras with full-frame sensors will be unveiled soon and they will be aimed at sports and professional photographers. This means the precious rumors should be true: Sony 46MP Full Frame Camera to be Announced in Q1 2015.

You know, the Sony A7, A7R, and A7S have a clear audience buy none of them is aimed at action and sports photographers. So the new E-mount Professional sports cameras can fill this blank to meet the market.

Sony E-mount Professional Sports Cameras Coming Soon

Kenta Honjo also says that the upcoming Sony E-mount professional sports cameras will be more customizable than the current models and will offer fast and accurate AF (inspired by the technology available in the Sony A6000). And Sony is trying to bring superior autofocus performance to the FE-mount line-up.

Now the whole digital imaging world is moving towards mirrorless technology. He says that the DSLR will become a niche market in the future, only accessible to professional photographers.

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