Sony a7S III Will Go beyond the Customers’ Expectations, to be a really Innovative Product

As we all know, many filmmakers have been waiting for the new Sony a7S III. But at Photokina 2018, Sony didn’t directly announce anything new…Jakub Han at Cinema5d talked to the Sony corporation senior manager Yutaka Iwatsuki during Photokina 2018 about the Sony a7S III, 8K recording and medium format plans.

Here are the key points of this interview:

  • Sony a7S III is in development and it is a very important camera for Sony
  • Sony a7S III will go beyond their customers’ expectations and to be a really innovative product.
  • This will take a lot of work and time. Yutaka Iwatsuki said “for time frame, it may require longer than you probably imagine”.
  • 8K recording is very important for Sony in long-term
  • Sony is focusing on innovating full frame (a7S III) and APS-C (a6700 / a7000) products and there are no plans for medium format at the moment.

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