Sony a7RII Reviewed by Luminous Landscape: “2015 Camera of The Year”

Michael Reichmann from Luminous Landscape posted the Sony a7RII review and hands on report. He thinks the new Sony a7RII should place in the top three if not the very top in every category.

His closing thoughts and conclusions:

With so many cameras crossing my desk each year it’s hard not to cozy up with the prettiest new face on the street. But the A7RII is more than just a pretty face. It’s a highly competent tool for creating images that gives up almost nothing to any competitor, and while it doesn’t win every race, it places in the top three if not the very top in every category.

It’s now only August, and there’s a long way to go until December 31st. But, unless another company pulls the proverbial rabbit out of a hat I wouldn’t be at all surprised if when year-end comes that the Sony A7RII doesn’t become most reviewer’s “2015 Camera of The Year“.

He also shared some “impression” about the A-mount future:

I can’t give a definitive answer, but when I met with the senior Sony executives in Portland, and asked this question, I found their responses evasive and vague. In my experience this usually means “No“, but with no one really wanting to actually say so. It may well be that the answer is yes. I just can’t be sure.
More informative was the unsolicited comment from one of the people at the table. The gentleman said…”The A7RMII would make an excellent camera for anyone invested in A mount lenses. Just add one of the inexpensive mount adapters, such as the LEA-3 and all A series lenses will work perfectly”. This adapter sells for about $199. The more expensive LEA-4 isn’t needed because the A7RII has Phase Detection AF built into the sensor itself and doesn’t need the Translucent Mirror Technology of the LE-A4.

Sony A7RII Vs Pentax 645Z: an interesting comparison

Colour rendition differs (both were set to Daylight WB) but most obvious is that the Sony with its 90mm Macro has higher internal contrast. When subjected to ultimate pixel peeping (200X and 300X) it is extremely hard to see any difference in resolution, which really is a testament to the Pentax 120mm Macro. Subjectively, overall, I give the win to the Sony, but only slightly, showing that the 50MP over 43Mp sensor size is a quibble.

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In Unite States:

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