Sigma’s Plans for Future Cameras and Lenses

Kazuto Yamaki, CEO of Sigma, recently talked about the Sigma’s plans for future cameras and lenses in a short interview with Focus Numerique (Digital Focus) at Photokina 2014.

See the translation below, you can also visit to see the full interview in french.

Digital Focus: After the DP2 and DP1 introduced today a DP3 should quickly complement the Quattro range. Can you imagine a range of appliances with interchangeable lenses from Sigma. That would be a plus for optical manufacturer.

Kazuto Yamaki: We are always attentive to the market. However, we have the SD system with interchangeable lenses. If we propose a new line, it would mean that we have two systems with interchangeable lenses. We should be able to provide a new optical line and it’s a real responsibility vis-à-vis our clients. Our resources are limited and we must not disappoint our customers. Technically there is no problem. Our current priority is to develop existing ranges with or without interchangeable lenses.

Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 IF EX DG HSM AF Standard Zoom Lens

Digital Focus: In two years, you have presented some great optics as the 50mm f / 1.4, 35mm f / 1,4 and of course the 18-35 mm f / 1.8. Many professionals expect an update of the trio 24×36 with 24-70 mm and 70-200 mm. Does the program.

Kazuto Yamaki: I can not tell you precisely, but yes, we need to update these two perspectives.

Digital Focus: In optics, what are the next challenges?

Kazuto Yamaki: I think we need to meet the demands of photographers. Some want a compact optical and light, others want to make videos and we must take into account the very set of new cases sensors. This requires high-quality optics. Of course, we need to create optical “classic” like a 50 mm or 24-70 mm, but we also need to surprise our customers with new products, but it is much longer. Sigma is always looking to improve the image quality is our priority. But of course, we want to change the system of stabilization or the responsiveness of the autofocus. you always have a good balance between these points.

Digital Focus: Are you interested in the A7 series from Sony?

Kazuto Yamaki: Not for the moment, we have no development program for this series.

Digital Focus: You currently have a very small range of optics for IOC. Consumers are interested?

Kazuto Yamaki: Success really depends on the market. In Japan we are satisfied and our optics are excellent. In Europe, it’s a bit more complicated. Initially, the majority of devices sold were entry level. So we had to offer optics a price equal to the market. Now there are more and more manufacturers like Sony and Fujifilm offering higher-end devices. We must respond to these customers.

Digital Focus: The new DP series Quattro is truly unique in design. What are the returns? Your new viewfinder (magnifying glass) makes it even more inimitable. Other manufacturers are moving towards a retro design, your direction is rather modern.

Kazuto Yamaki: Indeed, the Quattro series is different. As we offer a device with outstanding image quality, we wanted a great product also. When we worked on the design of the case, I asked my team to really offer new solutions. To make a comparison with the automobile, we wanted to offer a design that is closer to Alpha Romeo or Lotus than Toyota. I love the design of 50-60 years. I think that the objects of his years are really beautiful and few objects are smart. But for a manufacturer, it’s more complicated. If we try to copy what has been done, we are often worse. We must always create something new.

Digital Focus: Can we expect a complete “makeover” of the SD series?

Kazuto Yamaki: The SD range is a niche, but our customers are loyal and we have to work for them. There will be a sequel to the SD range. For now, it is still far too early to give you details, particularly in terms of design.

Via: focus-numerique

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