Sigma fp L Firmware Ver.3.00 & fp Firmware Ver.5.00 Released

The new firmware version 3.00 for Sigma fp L and firmware version 5.00 for Sigma fp are now available for download online.

Download links:

Sigma fp L Firmware Version 3.00

Sigma fp Firmware Version 5.00

Benefits of the update

Sigma fp Ver. 5.00 / Sigma fp L Ver. 3.00

  • “Warm Gold” has been added to the color mode, which expresses a deep atmosphere with subdued tones and warm colors.
  • The “EL ZONE” option has been added to the “False Color” function, which displays the exposure status of any part of the screen in a color-coded manner, allowing you to monitor the exposure status of any part of the screen.
  • “Focus frame only” *has been added to the information display menu in the |▢| (Display) mode setting.
    * “Focus Frame Only” appears in the menu only when the shooting style in STILL mode or CINE mode is set to STILL-like.
  • The camera can now be switched off even during long exposures.
  • The camera is now compatible with a 4TB (terabyte) external SSD.
  • Open Gate (x1.25 / x1.3 / x1.5 / x1.65 / x1.8 / x2) for ARRI ALEXA LF / ALEXA Mini LF has been added to the camera and setting information registered in the Director’s Viewfinder.
  • ATOMOS Cloud is now supported.*
    * Firmware update of ATOMOS devices is required to use the cloud solution provided by ATOMOS. Please wait for the announcement from ATOMOS for information on compatible devices and the release date of the firmware.

Sigma fp L body: $2,499 at AmazonB&HAdorama.

Sigma fp body: $1,899 at AmazonB&HAdorama.

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