Sharp 8K Micro Four Thirds Camera on Display at CES 2019

Sharp was showing a new 8K Micro Four Thirds Camera at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, which may become the world’s most affordable 8K Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera. YouTuber Kinotika published a short hands-on video (below) with the prototype camera. The prototype camera doesn’t yet have a full name or specifications, and Sharp reportedly told CES attendees that it will reveal the model’s official specs in Q2, possibly at NAB 2019.

In a lot of ways, the camera looks quite similar in design to a BMPCC 4K. This is what we know so far (via PR):

  • 8k at 30 fps in H.265 codec (Sharp is working on 60 fps)
  • Price under $5,000
  • No sensor info besides Micro Four Thirds format
  • 5″ inch touchscreen
  • 1 SD card slot
  • On sensor stabilization
  • Looks like the Blackmagic Pocket camera
  • Not officially announced yet (a prototype was shown at CES)
  • The official announcement is expected at the 2019 NAB show

What do you think of the new Sharp 8K MFT camera?

Via: PhotoRumorsKinotika