Seven Months on the Road with ZEISS Batis Lenses by Christian Dandyk

Zeiss photographer Christian Dandyk posted his experiences with the new ZEISS Batis lenses: Seven Months on the Road with ZEISS Batis Lenses. Christian Dandyk had the unqiue chance to test the new Batis lenses for seven months already! You can see the full review of the lenses at

When I received the two Batis lenses in November 2014 there was no stabilized A7 because the A7M2 featuring 5-axis stabilization only hit the market a month later. I was very excited to see how the stabilization on the Batis 1.8/85 worked with the camera. Like the stabilized Sony lenses, the stabilization in the three lens axes and the two camera axes are used. The remaining three axes for camera stabilization are automatically deactivated because the stabilization in the lens is more effective than that on the camera. I was simply bowled over by the results. Like flipping a switch, I was suddenly able to take pictures in low light situations that I otherwise would have only gotten with a considerable increase in the ISO values and the corresponding loss of quality. The camera and lens immediately worked together reliably.

In all, the Batis 2/25 is a very good compact wide-angle lens with very good optical properties. The autofocus is fast and reliable, and speed is a measurable value that I personally value. I don’t do any lab tests, but test the lenses out in the field. In the end, it’s all about what you see on paper or on a screen.

I have recently been asked several times which of the two Batis lenses I would recommend more. I can’t really answer this question because their areas of application are too different, even if they both feature the same high level of optics. Regardless of where I use them, they have always delivered the impressive results I demand. Photographers tend to quickly try to find fault with something – my search failed and that is a good thing as we like to say in Berlin.

And you can see Christian Dandyk in the official promo video here:

Source: SAR

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