Panasonic GH5S Rumored to be Announced in January/February 2018

We have heared the rumor before that the Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 will be like the Sony a7 series cameras and it will have the Panasonic GH5R version (high megapixel version) and Panasonic GH5S version (High-sensitivity/low-light version).

Today an interesting rumor said that the Panasonic GH5S MFT mirrorless camera will be announced in the next several months, probably in January or February 2018 (CES 2018?). This Panasonic GH5S will be an “ultra” video oriented low-light version/High-sensitivity version of the current Panasonic GH5, and it is rumored to have improved low light performance (like Sony a7SII), state of the art video functions and a higher launch price. Other detailed info is still unknown. Stay tuned for more info.

The current Panasonic GH5 mirrorless camera will be an excellent holiday gift and it is in stock at Amazon, B&H, Adorama for $1,997.99.

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Via: PhotoRumors