Nissin MG60 Professional Compact Flash Now in Stock

Available for Canon, Nikon and Sony mirrorless cameras, the Nissin MG60 Professional Compact Flash is now in stock at:

Key Features
  • Small, Powerful GN60 Flash
  • LED Modeling Light
  • All Models Feature a Metal Hot Shoe
  • Variable Battery System
  • Heat-Resistant Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Continuous Rapid-Fire Performance

The Nissin MG60 is a powerful, compact, and durable flash built with a robust heat resistant design for demanding professionals with mirrorless cameras.

The MG60’s small size, rapid fire performance, and built-in wireless radio receiver make it a natural choice for fast paced wedding and event photographers.

The MG60 is a small yet powerful GN60 flash capable of continuous rapid-fire performance. Its compact size is ideal for on-camera use with mirrorless cameras, or with the Nissin Air 10s Commander (sold separately) to use remotely off-camera up to 300′.