Nikon will Fix D600’s Dust Problem for Free

Finally, Nikon offers free fix for D600’s dust problem, will replace your shutter free of charge. Nikon will cover the cost of shipping to and from the service centre for any affected user, even if the camera is out of warranty. The Nikon D600 is available at for $1,560, kicking off a trend in the so-called “entry level” full-frame SLR space.

Whatever the reason, this is fantastic news for all D600 owners who have yet to see a permanent fix to their sensor dust/oil woes. And by the way, this service advisory is just for D600 owners. All D600 owners who notice the problem can get their cameras fixed, even if they are out of warranty. If you aren’t seeing any problems, you should probably hold off on getting it serviced

To have your D600 camera serviced free of charge and read more about the service advisory, please visit here: D600 Service Advisory