Nikon SnapBridge Version 2.0.1 Released with Major Improvements

Nikon officially released the new SnapBridge Version 2.0.1 for Nikon camera users with some major improvements, including a new screen design and menu structure, faster operations, the ability to register up to five devices, lower power consumption, greater flexibility with remote photography and more.

Download links: iOS | Android

Key advances:

1. A new screen design and menu structure for improved operation

2. Instructions that make it easier to pair for the first time are displayed

3. Lower power consumption, faster operations, and more stable connections

4. Greater flexibility with remote photography

5. More thorough collaboration with Nikon’s photo sharing service, NIKON IMAGE SPACE

  • We have made the pairing process easier to understand.
  • Camera settings can now be adjusted remotely, allowing a wider variety of photos to be taken by remote control.
  • The app can now pair the device with up to five cameras.
  • Images on the camera now display faster when viewed on the smart device before download.
  • We added a power-saving mode that reduces the amount of data exchanged between the camera and the smart device, letting you use the app without worrying about the battery level.

You can read more additional information about the new SnapBridge app at Nikon official website.

Via: Nikon Camera Rumors