Nikon High-end/Premium Compact Camera Rumored to Come in Early 2016

The rumor mill is back with more information about the Nikon high-end/premium compact camera. There are high hopes that the long awaited Nikon high-end/premium compact camera will be announced in early 2016 in addition to the Nikon D5.

We know that a new Nikon camera with a large/larger sensor (1″ and/or APS-C) is in production. So the Nikon high-end/premium compact camera will probably feature a 1″ or APS-C sensor. There is another chance that Nikon will annnounce as many as three different models and they could have different lenses.

The new Nikon high-end/premium compact camera will be marketed as “always in your bag” and will be targeted for advanced/semi-professional photographers.

Concept Nikon Coolpix camera designed by Nikolay Komaro

via: NikonRumors

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