New Fujifilm X-mount Lens Roadmap (add 16mm f/2.8, 16-80mm f/4, 33mm f/1)

Fujifilm has updated their X-mount Lens roadmap, adding three new XF lenses (see the Chinese press release here):

  • Fujifilm XF 16mm f/2.8 R WR Lens
  • Fujifilm XF 16-80mm f/4 R LM OIS WR Lens
  • Fujifilm XF 33mm f/1 R WR Lens

Update: Fujifilm Unveils an Updated X-mount Lens Roadmap.

Google translation:

  1. “XF 16mm F2.8 R WR” portable fixed focus lens
    This compact wide-angle lens has a focal length of 24mm in 35mm format and a maximum aperture of F2.8, making it ideal for landscape and travel photography. It is also listed as a compact and stylish fixed-focus lens group with the released “XF23mmF2 R WR”, “XF35mmF2 R WR” and “XF50mmF2 R WR”, meeting the needs of wide-angle to medium-range focal length.
  2. “XF 16-80mm F4 R LM OIS WR” standard zoom lens
    This lens has a 5x zoom range, equivalent to 24-120mm in the 35mm format, while maintaining a constant maximum aperture of F4.0. Its wide focal length range makes it a versatile lens that can meet the needs of a variety of shooting scenes.
  3. “XF 33mm F1 R WR” large aperture fixed focus lens
    This large aperture lens is expected to be the industry’s first lens to be used in a non-reflex camera with a maximum aperture of F1.0 and AF (autofocus). Fujifilm will continue to fully expand the XF lens lineup to cover a wider range of shooting and meet a variety of photography needs.

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Via: Nokishita, PhotoRumors