New Canon DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras Registered with Certification Bodies

The Japanese website Nokishita spotted that some new Canon DSLRs and mirrorless cameras have been registered with overseas certification bodies:


  • Canon’s “DS126721” is registered with overseas certification bodies (Google Translated).
  • Currently this camera is unknown, no more information.

“K436” and “K437”:

  • Confirmed to be DSLR cameras, which are currently being tested.
  • K436 and K437 of SLR also supports test data of smartphone’s Bluetooth remote control function.
    * and the Bluetooth remote control function from the latest smartphone of ※ List of cameras tested: M5, M6, M100, KissM, G9XII, G1XIII, SX730HS, K433, K436, K437, EC801, EC804, EC805, EC811
  • The remaining battery level indication of K436 is 4 stages (same as Canon EOS 77D etc.). Battery level indication on K437 is in six stages (same as Canon 5D Mark IV etc.).
  • “K436” is expected to be Canon EOS 90D, “K437” is probably to be Canon EOS 7D Mark III.

“K424”, “K433” and “EC 811”:

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Via: Nokishita