Leica SL2 Firmware Update Version 2.0 Released

Leica just released the new firmware version 2.0 for Leica SL2 mirrorless camera (AmazonB&HAdorama).

Download link: Leica SL2 Firmware Version 2.0

Here is the full list of improvements and bugfixes in firmware update 2.0:


  • Multishot
    • With Multishot the user can create photos with a resolution up to 187MP.
    • One photo will be taken at normal resolution (47MP) and one at high resolution (187MP).
  • Improvement on the Video Menu GUI
    In the submenus of the video mode, a white highlighted header shows that the user operates in video mode.
  • Improvement on the AF field size setting
    The AF-field size can be changed with a long tap without moving the AF field.
  • SD-Card naming
    After formatting the SD-Card, the card will be named with “Leica SL2”.


  • Detection of M lenses
    6-bit coded M lenses will be recognized at all time with the M-Adapter L.
  • Elimination of artifacts on very fast continuous shooting
    In the drive mode “Continous – Very High Speed” there were artifacts in the DNG under certain settings, which have now been removed.
  • Correction of the focus distance value of feet
    The focus distance on the top display has been corrected and now shows the correct values.
  • Connectivity enhancements with App and Image Shuttle
    General improvements for a faster and more stable connection between camera and smartphone or computer.

Information on Multishot Function:

  • Only full-frame lenses are suitable for use with the multishot function.
  • Any aperture between 1 and 16 can be selected.
  • As ISO settings, values from 50 to 3200 are possible.
  • The use of a flash is not possible.
  • The electronic shutter is always used.
  • The multishot function automatically turns off the image stabilization (BIS and OIS).
  • The shutter speeds range from 1/40,000 to 1sec.