Leica Is Testing Two New Cameras

Leica is currently testing two new models. In the Leica FOTOS APP software code, there are two cameras codenamed “Wilson” and “Rene”. According to previous Leica FOTOS software version information, the code name “Wilson” should be the Leica Q3 camera. In addition, the code name “Rene” may be an M-series rangefinder camera (M11 Monochrom?).

Earlier, a Leica developer said in an interview that “Q3 will be announced next year or later,” but if it is being tested, will Leica Q3 appear at a surprisingly early stage?

Regarding the derivative model, it is difficult to predict because various derivative models have appeared in the M series so far, but since it is being tested, it seems that it is not a collaboration model with only the design changed.

Last month the Leica official app included an image of a camera that looks like a Leica Q3 in an Easter egg (the image above), so it seems that the Leica Q3 will be a model with a tilt-type monitor and an increased number of images from the current 47.3 million pixels to 60 million pixels. So far, there are no signs that Leica is considering changing the focal length of the Q3 lens.

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Via: digicame-info