The Latest Canon EOS-1D X Mark II Rumors

The next-generation EOS flagship camera Canon EOS-1D X Mark II is rumored to be in testing with OLED displays, but we don’t know whether the OLED displays will be used in production camera, and whether the OLED test screens are for the top display, or main LCD, or both.

According to the rumors, the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II will feature a 25MP sensor manufactured by Canon, and it will have considerably more AF points than the 61 in the current camera.

And, Canon’s next announcement will be on August 14th and Canon will announce a DSLR camera body and two lenses at that time, according to the latest rumors.

The latest rumored specs of Canon EOS-1D X Mark II:

  • 25MP full frame sensor made by Canon
  • New autofocus system with more AF points
  • “New technology” in the viewfinder display
  • New battery to reduce the weight of camera
  • Large LCD screen
  • New 2 DIGIC processors (DIGIC 7)
  • Massive improvement on Dynamic Range, more stops than any other DSLR camera in the world.

Stay tuned for more info.

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