No Joking: Introducing the Canon EOS 7D Mark II SV (Studio Version)

Today is NOT April 1st, so, I have to be serious to say that: this news is not a joke!

It seems that Canon will announce a new Canon EOS 7D Mark II SV (Studio Version) DSLR camera in the near future, to follow up the original EOS 7D SV (No Longer Available). The specific announcement date is still unknown, but I hope… Not on April 1st.

From Canon USA

Join Canon USA Technical Advisor Mike Gurley as he gives an overview of the EOS 7D Mark II SV Studio Version with a barcode solution. He goes over key camera features and discusses how the camera can be used for different workflows in event photography. Mike also shows how to set up the camera to sync with a compatible barcode scanner.

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via: Canon USA

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