The Incredible Story of a Nikon D5 Camera Forgotten in a Showcase!

Chassimages (Google translation) posted a incredible story of a Nikon D5 camera that was forgotten by chance (!?) in a store’s display window/showcase:

“The only seller is so busy store drawers behind the counter, so I must insist to make him raise his head, and asks if I can see and touch the D5. Very gently he said “yes.” Immediately I asked how it was possible that he D5 that while it is not even officially announced by Nikon announcement expected in early January. He smiles and shrugs, well that’s how! Meanwhile the housing arrives in my hands and soon I realize that it is fully functional.

I adjust the viewfinder diopter and passes in AF-C mode to see the sensors appear in the viewfinder and therefore discovers the extent and form of the covered fields. Then I ask if I can take pictures of the device with my iPhone, he answers yes no problem and I also ask him what are the two small levers on either side of the eyepiece, he n ‘know nothing, took the camera and begins to “quibble” and eventually slide the eyepiece and leaves quietly photographing all that!

Heck I could not see all the details (including memory cards which are used) and I have not asked him simply because in fact he did not look very familiar. He has actually answered any of my technical questions and especially does not look in the least to realize that D5 should have never end up in my hands nor in his window!

That’s the story that’s pure chance that led me to D5! I am not looking for scoops, but I’m still very happy to have been able to have on hand this D5 before everyone!”

And this article includes some new images of the Nikon D5 taken by Chassimages forum member JML2:

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