Fujifilm X100V Will Have 2 Way Tilt Screen

The latest rumor suggests that the Fujifilm X100V will have a 2 way tilt screen, and it expected to be announced in February, 2020. The upcoming Fujifilm X100V will come with a new 23mm f/2 lens, NOT have the hidden LCD screen of the X-Pro3. The details and announcement date are unknown at the present.

Fujifilm X100V rumored specs:

  • New and updated fixed lens. It will still be a 23mm f/2 but with better close focusing etc. and it will be WR
  • More add-on lens options 18mm,28mm,50mm in 35mm equivalent
  • Latest 26MP APS-c sensor
  • Improved AF over the current X-T30, X-T3
  • Tweaked Processor over X-T30
  • Body with similar control buttons
  • Same Joystick and D-pad
  • Two-way Tilt screen
  • Weather-resistant body
  • 4K video at 24,30p, Full HD at 24,30,60,120p
  • Improved Bluetooth and WiFi performance andĀ USB-C

Stay tuned for more info.

Via: Fujirumors